KQIC Insured | Why size matters!

Buying your personal insurance (car insurance, home insurance, etc.) is not only about price; sure, the price is very important and has to be right, too, but other factors are important to look at when buying your insurance too


Being big in the insurance world is good, also for you as an individual

Claims are always paid, promptly and in full

Insurance companies typically make very little money on the actual products that they sell, but uses the cash flow they get from insurance sales to invest and generate a good return the investment

For smaller insurers, this means that there’s not always sufficient cash to pay all claims immediately (as it’s invested) so customers risk having to wait some time before claims can be paid out

Large insurers, like QIC, who are A-rated by the international financial rating companies, always have the resources to play any claims immediately be it for car insurance, home insurance, medical insurance or any other insurance you have with us


This means that you will always get your claims paid right away

You are part of a very progressive family

We intend to keep our position as the largest insurer in the region and one way of securing this is to keep innovating and introducing new products to make your life with us as easy as possible

That’s why we introduced ‘The Easy Way’ which is much more than just fancy words; it’s a belief in how we want to interact with you now and in the future

All services developed by for your convenience – but also services that required investments to create and introduce


Being large matters because we have the ability

We’re in it for the long run

Our size and ambition of growing even more also means that you can be sure that we’ll be here in the years to come, so you don’t have to worry about your insurances with QIC

We have the financial means to keep growing, exploring, developing and securing the residents in the MENA region – right now we are insuring more than 1,000,000 million private customers

Customers who trust us with their car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, medical insurance and much more

That’s a big responsibility and we’re the right ones to take it and keep our promises to each and every insured person with QIC